PCE Fuel Set Up

We Have Plenty of Room for Large Equipment

Our new fuel station is set up for large trucks and equipment.  We have two diesel truck bays for semis, and we can guarantee you won't fill up quicker any where else in Floyd County.  We have a wide open fuel lot to ensure easy manuverability for large equipment.  Come and see how we are set up to work for you!

Transport Fuel Loads to the Farm
We can send loads of fuel directly to your farm! We are priced very competitively and look forward to serving all of you fuel needs.  For information contact Seth at 806-983-2821


Fuel Treatments

Fuel Treatments

We carry Lucas Fuel Treatment

Gasoline and Diesel Deliveries

Call 983-3394 to set up a delivery

Free delivery for deliveries 1,000 gallons or more in Floyd County.

$.07/gallon delivery fee for anything under 1000 gallons






Fuel Trailers

We are authorized dealers of Texas made LeeAgra fuel trailers at unbeatable prices!!!


We Rent Fuel Storage Tanks & Trailers

We have fuel trailers and overhead tanks available for rent at very competitive prices.  If you qualify, tanks can be leased FREE of charge! Give us a call today! 806-983-2821