PCE Cash Bids
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Grain Policy

Cash Prices Shown May Not Reflect Actual Cash Price At All Times

Please call 806-983-2821 for the most accurate cash bids on grain!! 

We are considering opening our Dougherty Elevator this year.  Please call us at 806-983-2821 and express your interest in this option. Thank you!


Wheat Discount Policy

Moisture: Shrink Starts at 13.6%, and 16% is max moisture allowed. Call before bringing loads 16% or higher. Each load stands on its own. 

Dockage: Dockage will be subtracted from scale weight.

Fall Grain Discount Policy


Moisture: Shrink starts at 15.6%. Loads may be rejected at 19.5% and wetter. Call before bringing loads 19.5% or wetter. Each load stands on its own.

Test Weight: Dock for Test weight begins at 53.9lbs. Loads below 52lbs@15.5% moisture or drier may be subject to rejection.


Milo/Grain Sorghum

Moisture: Shrink starts at 14%. Max moisture is 17%. Call before bringing loads 17% or higher. Each load stands on its own.

Test Weight: Dock for Test Weight begins at 54.9lbs. Loads below 52lbs may be subject to rejection.


Elevator Locations
Forward Contracting Grain
FAQ About Forward Contracting Grain
  1. What is the smallest amount of grain I can contract? (5,000 bu.=1 futures contract)
  2. Once I contract....do I have to deliver? (Yes...Or pay costs associated with getting out of contract.) 
  3. Can I lock in a basis? (Yes...you can essentially have a "basis only" contract and you will have the ability to lock in a futures price to go along with your basis. Needs to be in 5,000bu increments.)
  4. Can I forward contract close to harvest time or during harvest if I think the markets will fall? (Yes...you can for estimated delivered bushels. You still have to deliver the grain you contract. Wheat during harvest has more risk due to hail out.)
  5. Can I lock in a futures only contract? (Yes...same theroy as the basis only contract, just with futures instead of basis.)
  6. What happens if I contract and the market goes up? (You are still committed to the contract price that you agreed to...no mulligans, or do-overs.)
  7. What is the largest amount that I can contract? (Typically it is no more than 50% of a conservative estimate of what your crop will produce on the acres you plant. It also has to do with the relationship you have with the coop. There is ALOT of trust that has to be demonstrated on both sides for forward contracting to work. There isn't a bank I know in our area that would tell a producer to forward contract more than 50% of your crop. If they are telling you that....you need to find a new banker.)
  8. Is there an Act of God Clause in the contract? (No....When we take a position to hedge (sell futures/sell grain) there are no "Act of God" clauses in either of our hedge options. We can't offer terms that we don't get in return.