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What a week! With a backdrop of a fundamentally sound market, trade disputes and tariff ramifications stole the headlines. Jerry Gulke sorts out the noise.​ (full story)

In this week’s AgFax Weekend – EU Crop Tariffs | Employee Incentives | Spraying for Success – Management is Key | and more. (full story)

The Trend Trader helps to identify the current trend status of your favorite futures markets. It not only helps us to stay on the right side of market direction, but also helps us avoid those without a trend. You can even use the grid as a spread matrix too - buying strength and selling weakness.... (full story)

In the past few years, we have been seeing more phosphorus (P) deficiency in rice. Most of these situations were calls we received at harvest and consisted of subpar tillering […] (full story)

Plant…Plant…Plant continues to be the motto, but it is also time to add Price…Price…Price to the discussion. The new crop December contract took a hit this week, but settled at […] (full story)

The Bears have extended their weekly winning streak to two, with the May contract giving back 102 points Vs this time last week. The May – July spread weakened, but […] (full story)

Texas Derrol Grymes Rice planting in Texas got off to an early start this year with some fields planted the first week of March. Growers west of Houston have slowed […] (full story)

Our small grain is booting now and starting to see it heading out pretty good in some fields. We don’t have much wheat for grain in Wilcox, but this wheat […] (full story)

Flowers are blooming, hardwood trees are budding and flowering, songbirds are singing, and wild turkeys are mating. Mississippi has to be the prettiest place on Earth, especially in the springtime, […] (full story)

The U.S. and China have exchanged salvos adding fuel to fears of escalating trade sanctions between the two largest global economies.  Yesterday, the Trump Administration announced another action in the […] (full story)

Water! It has been on everyone’s mind as we have been planting and having to irrigate early to get our crops to come up and some even irrigating again already […] (full story)

The shots being fired are all taxes on some consumer somewhere. Guns or Butter is a well known macro-economic model of a production possibility frontier. Within a given budget, you produce either weapons or food in some ratio. You can bust the budget... (full story)

The Rice Leadership Development Program toured the LSU AgCenter H. Rouse Caffey Rice Research Station and visited a crawfish farming operation on March 22. The group was treated to crawfish […] (full story)

Variety selection is a key decision for cotton producers each year. Variety performance is heavily dependent on environmental conditions and geography. Therefore, it is important for growers to select varieties […] (full story)

What to look for in next weeks action in the Live Cattle market (full story)

Around 20% of the world’s irrigated land is considered to contain elevated concentrations of salt, and the soil continues to get saltier as the climate warms. Agricultural production is hard […] (full story)

Litigating pesticide drift issues, ethics for ag practitioners and ag tax for farmers and agribusinesses are among the hot topics on the agenda for the fifth annual Mid-South Agricultural and […] (full story)

Global Carbon ETN (GRN) is the Barchart Chart of the Day.  The ETV has a Trend Spotter buy signal, a Eeighted Alpha of 211.70+ and gained 182.20% in the last year. (full story)

Peanut prices received by farmers for all farmer stock peanuts averaged 21.7 cents per pound for the week ending March 17, down 1.3 cents from the previous week. Marketings of […] (full story)

Average quotations were 129 points lower than the previous week, according to the USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service’s Cotton and Tobacco Program. Quotations for the base quality of cotton (color 41, […] (full story)

Cash Market Rice in the USA is in tight supply.  We continue to hear of cash bids around $12.75.  Some bids include farm pick-up, some call for elevator delivery.  Although […] (full story)

Gold Hits Monthly Highs, More to Come? (full story)

A spending bill not only passed $1.3 trillion in government funding, but also extended the timeline for livestock haulers to utilize electronic logging device (ELD). (full story)

The USDA’s will release its prospective plantings report in less than a week on March 29. Corn has been having positive news with a reduction in global stocks and strong exports. (full story)

Today’s MDA Update: Published 3/23/18 12:15 pm central: Traders, Every day I am answering questions about what do you get with the MDA premium program. How active am I in the MDA Premium Chat Trade room?  Here is a video addressing those items and a review of 4 trades.  Excuse my... (full story)

Going higher (full story)

Our weekly column looks at the looming trade war with China and its impact on markets. (full story)

Todays calls and the results (full story)

We've discussed the record-setting imbalance between the speculative and commercial trader positions in the crude oil market both here and in our Commitment of Traders column for Modern Trader magazine. We got a washout of 13%, which I was expecting. However, it did little to shake... (full story)

The global economic growth relies on debt. Is it a sustainable model? Kondratiev doubted it. We invite you to read our todays article to find out in which phase of the debt cycle we are and what does it mean for the gold market. (full story)

While many across the country are itching to get into fields, planting too early could lead to cold or even frost injury to seedlings, resulting in lowered stands and therefore reduced yield potential. (full story)

From my book, "Back To The Futures." (full story)

Crude oil is seen now in wave four, so be aware of another break to the upside, into a fifth wave that can run into 66.00-66.50 zone where energy may slow down. (full story)

From Major Buy to Major Sell Overnight ! (full story)

Nothing in the weather has brought relief to the current historic drought that has settled over a large part of Argentina – including the entire central peanut area. Peanut crop […] (full story)

DJ U.S. Export Sales: Weekly Sales Totals-Mar 23 For the week ended Mar 15, in thousand metric tons, except cotton in thousand running bales. Net changes in commitments are gross sales, less cancellations, buy-backs and other downward adjustments. Total commitments are total export shipments plus... (full story)

Oil has been holding above 60$ critical support early March despite the selling pressure. Price recovered and pushed above 64.20$ and is now back above 65$ close to the 66.70$ January highs. (full story)

Today’s MDA Update: Published 3/23/18 9:40 am central: Traders, Here is the latest Profile Scanner setup from today, 3/23/18 I shared earlier today in the MDA premium room. I use the scanning tool as one of the first steps in locating trade setups. I use specific filters on both bullish and... (full story)

D.R. Futures Trading Daily Report on Support and Resistance Levels based on our algorithm for the eminis (ES,NQ, and YM), Gold and Crude Oil, outlook, and possible targets. Find out how we use our proprietary algorithm to get in early on trends, stay in profitable trades longer, and good risk... (full story)

COTTON General Comments: Cotton was lower on follow through selling. It has turned drier in the Delta and Texas after some big rains, and drier weather will be seen in the Southeast once the latest storm moves out, or so producers hope. Demand has been strong and merchants have had trouble... (full story)

Bears have momentum to suggest more selling pressure in near term. (full story)

These were calls sent out at 7:30 pm yesterday to our subscribers (full story)

Only a few hours after President Donald Trump yesterday ordered tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports due to alleged intellectual property abuses, Chinaresponded with levies of $3 billion of U.S. imports of pork, recycled aluminum, steel pipes, fruit and wine. (full story)

The world’s number two leaf dealer, Alliance One International (AOI), has withdrawn from the American burley market, at least for 2018. (full story)

The U.S. is just a part of world grain production. Argentina is just a part of it. However, Brazil year after year takes a bigger part of it. (full story)

The Murrey math indicator is based on technical analysis methods and observations that were made by legendary trader W.D. Gann. (full story)

Today’s reports are Advance Durable Goods and delayed Export Sales at 7:30 A.M., New Home Sales at 9:00 A.M. and Cattle on Feed at 2:00 P.M. The Stock Market is still bracing for the Chinese response to President Trumps tariffs. In the early stages it looks like China would rather going... (full story)

It’s difficult to recall the debut of a weed management technology that generated more divisiveness than the 2017 introduction of dicamba-resistant soybean varieties and the accompanying use of dicamba.  Damage […] (full story)

What does the trade chatter mean for grains? (full story)