PCE Fuel Set Up

Large Lot for Large Trucks

Fuel Dispensor Offerings:

  • 2 Master/Slave Clear Diesel Truck dispensors
  • 1 High Flow Farm Diesel Dispensor 25 gpm
  • 1 High Flow Farm Diesel Dispensor 60 gpm
  • 1 High Flow Gasoline Dispensor 25 gpm

We get you back to work with less down time!

Transport Fuel Loads to the Farm
We can send loads of fuel directly to your farm! We are priced very competitively and look forward to serving all of you fuel needs.  With our unique pricing structure we protect your top end pricing and leave the bottom end open! We have competitive terms on our transport loads!  For information contact Seth at 806-983-2821



Fuel Treatments

Fuel Treatments

We offer a wide variety of fuel treatments to ensure your equipment keeps running strong!

Gasoline and Diesel Deliveries

Producers Cooperative Elevator Delivers To YOU!

At PCE we have three delivery trucks to ensure you never run dry of fuel. 

We deliver the following products:

  • Dyed Diesel
  • Clear Diesel
  • E-10 Gasoline
  • Ethanol Free Gasoline

Remote Fuel Monitoring

We offer remote tank monitoring for all of you tanks in the field. You have 24/7 access to your fuel levels and can receive notifications for rapid draws, tanks fills, or low balances. 


For Delivery Inquiries call us at 806-983-2821.







Fuel Trailers


We Rent Out Fuel Storage Tanks & Trailers

We have fuel trailers and overhead tanks available for rent at very competitive prices.  If you qualify, tanks can be leased FREE of charge! If you are building a work site we offer on site fuel tanks with containment at no extra charge. We work for you!

Give us a call today! 806-983-2821